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  • Zhennuo Measuring Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    ● Camino Germany Zenner Group headquarters in China, one of the Group's global distribution and support center, is also a group of small-caliber water meter, heat meters, heat distribution table, smoke alarms, meter reading system and other R & D and manufacturing base; annual water meter 5 million units, 100 heat metering products, and 1 million smoke alarms.
    ● We have advanced and complete automated production and quality assurance capabilities: the only domestic company with EU and MD certifications for smoke and heat meters and EU smoke certification for smoke alarms, 3 imported 100-ton automatic hot forging presses; more than 10 imported CNC Machining center; more than 50 automatic injection molding machines; more than 60 watch calibration equipment; more than 800 experienced employees are our source of confidence in our products.

  • Fuzhou Zenner meter Ltd.
    ● In 1996, Germany Zenner enter the Chinese market, with German technology, the introduction and development of contemporary international standards, use of the environment for China's patent high-precision large diameter water meter.
    ● In the same year, Fuzhou Zenner first in China to introduce WS precision vertical Lo Wing-meter, and high-quality precision measurement quickly recognized by the market, the domestic water network has more than 30 million units WS-type water meter online.
    ● In the entire domestic large-caliber water meter market, the market share has been among the best for many years. The market share of WS-type water meters in the same type of water meters has been leading for many years.
    ● Today, Zenner is still to promote the upgrading of the national large-diameter water meter technology and water companies to reduce the leakage rate and make unremitting efforts.

  • Minol International Energy Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
            Mino International Energy Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mino Zhenlan Group, established in 2007. It is the designated Chinese expert representative agency for the Sino-German technical cooperation project and the implementation unit of the World Bank ’s China Heating Metering Reform Assistance Project. Product list.
            At present, the main business: heat meter method, radiator heat distribution method, on-off time area method and heating and temperature control integrated system product and equipment sales and engineering construction; heating / cooling system overall energy saving transformation and operation optimization and special boiler Low-nitrogen retrofit projects. At the same time, we provide customers with the following energy services: MinoWeb energy data management technology service, MingPDA energy data management technology service, MinoEMP smart energy management technology service; provide international leading operation, metering and energy saving in heating, cooling, water supply and clean energy. Services, energy services and energy management analysis report services in energy management, refrigeration heating hosting services, energy conservation audit services, contract energy management services, etc.



  Zenner Gas S.r.l.  
  Via Aterno, 122– Z.I.Sambuceto
66020 San Giovanni Teatino (CH) - ITALIA


  Ninox Alliance JSC  
  Avtomschenebeli str.88(plotN01\298),
  Tel/Fax:(+994 12)4644164


  Zenner do Brasil Instrumentos de
Medicao Ltda
  Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmao,
2444–Canudos–Novo Hamburgo–RS–Brazil



  Petrosafe specialized piping llc  
  P.O.Box:3286, Al Qusais,Dubai,UAE.


  Add.:El Shorouk City,First District
East,Second nightborhood,Villa 18 Cairo,Egypt,



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Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
  Tel: +6221-841-6593
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