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  • 2020
    Electric Products Company was established to extend our business to more field.
  • 2019
    1. Pass the certification of information security management system
    2. Wuhu production base put into use
  • 2018
    1. The first domestic industrial and commercial membrane type
           Gas meter MID certification
           EU EN1359 certification
           International OIML R137 (2012) certification

  • 2017
    1. The short-listed China Resources Gas Group
    2. Became the first mainland company to supply China Gas
    3. The automatic production line with an annual output of 5 million gas meters is put into operation
    4. Established ZENNER Connect AG in Switzerland for core technology development of the Internet of Things
    5. Passed Dictuc certification in South America market
  • 2016
    1. Finalists Hong Kong and China Gas Group
    2. Taiwan market to obtain certification
    3.Precision Mold Company was established to protect the core components of quality
    Maobao software company founded to create things iGasLink cloud platform

  • 2015
    Zenner wide-range diaphragm gas meter by:
    1. The world's first 8000 hour durability test certification
    2. EU MID certification
    3. International OIML R137 (2012) certification
    4. EU EN1359: 2006 certification
    5. European Union EU quality system certification (Module D) certification
  • 2014
    Jointly established Hebei Huatong Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. in Handan
  • 2011
    Zenner US Founded
  • 2009
    ZENNER gas meter opens the Chinese market and establishes a gas meter production base
  • 2005
    Minol - Zenner Group was mergered
  • 2004
    Established Mino America
  • 2000
    1. Zhenuo Measurement Instrument Shanghai Co., Ltd. was established
    2. Establishing Asia-Pacific (China) Production Base
  • 1980
    ZENNER begins global sales strategy
  • 1995
    Minol becomes one of Germany's three largest energy service companies
  • 1973
    Minol Instrument Manufacturing Plant established
  • 1945
    Minol founded in Stuttgart
  • 1903
    ZENNER is founded in Saarbrucken
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