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  • 1、IOT meter just bought gas, but it can't hit the fire, what's going on?
    A. check whether there is electricity power in the meter and gas cooker;
    B. The gas cooker is broken.
    C. The gauge line valve is not open.
    D. The alarm valve is not open.

  • 2、Your meter valve is not open after the battery installed?
    A. Check whether the battery is installed correctly
    B. Check whether the conducting strip is abnormal
    C.The valve was closed without gas using for many days
    D. There is no residual gas

  • 3、Can we check for stolen gas through your charging system?
    A. Yes, if you are using the Internet of Things meter, you can query and report in the system.
    B. Yes, our charging system has an overdue function, which mainly solves the gas stealing behavior for the gas company. The system can monitor the user's consumption. The gas company can set it according to the actual gas consumption of the user.

  • 4、What are the reasons for the failure of many meters when checking the mechanical temperature compensation meter?
    A. The temperature compensation meter has higher requirements for the detected ambient temperature. If the detected temperature does not meet the standard, the data will be different.
    B. There may be problems with the equipment of the metrology institute.
    C. There is a difference.
    D. No constant temperature or insufficient constant temperature time.

  • 5、How your meter with a gas leakage?
    A. It may be broken during transportation
    B. It may be a leakage in the pipeline
    C. Artificial damage

  • 6、Your concentrator will be online for a while or not. What is the reason?
    A. Local network signal is unstable
    B. It may be a failure of the concentrator GPRS module
  • 7、Can't recognize the card when opening a blank card account?
    A. The card is damaged.
    B, Card reader problems

  • 8、Why does your meter springs rust so much?
    A. Wet installation environment will affect the rust of the spring leaf
    B. Inferior batteries are used
    C. Mixed use of new and old batteries
  • 9、Why does your meter serial number repeated?
    A. It may be that the operator of the business hall recorded the table number incorrectly when an new account open in the system.
    B. The nameplate No. may have been duplicated at the time of leaving the factory

  • 10、What is better about your company's amount meter than the gas meter?
    A. The amount meter can be used with the ladder gas price, and the gas price can be adjusted at any time
    B. The amount displayed at the end of the amount table allows users to intuitively see their recharge amount
    C, can prevent users from hoarding gas, whether it is low or high price gas can be deducted according to the corresponding steps in time

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