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ZRC remote data transmitter
Product Overview:
ZRC remote data transmitter is a set of data collection monitoring and automatic management system that matched with on-site measuring instruments such as rotary gas flowmeter and turbine gas flowmeter. It can realise the function of data storage query data collecting and report printing etc. The system has a variety of communication methods including wired networks and wireless network of GPRS / GSM CDMA NB-IoT.Especially GPRS wireless communication technology it is more convenient to be installed.

Products Features

● Data colloecting and monitoring system
   Between the flow meter and the computer in the management center the GPRS network is used to establish a fast and     
data transmission channel which is not restricted by the regionterrain and distance. As long as there is power supply and 
coverage it will be able to collect the data from the meters in the field.

● Remote real-time data collection;
   Keep track of the on-site operation at any time and can get the information timely and fast;

● Improve efficiency and reduce operating costs;
   Reduing the cost of manual meter reading;

●Timely maintaince;
   Reflect the on-site working conditions timely the system can set annormal alarm for pressure temperature and flow rate

● Multi user
   It enables multiple users to check the data such as specific site flow rate total volume temperature and pressure at the same time.

● Colletting the data automatically
   The collection time and frequency can be set according to requirement.

● Visual interface
   Providing historical data query and chart display; Data report printing; Providing fault inquiry of the flowmeter; Data real-time display.


● Power supply mode
   External power supply mode: external DC 8-12VDC power supply.
   Internal power supply: inbuilt a set of 7.2V lithium battery.
   The static power consumption is less than 100uA The rated power is less than 100mW. In the case of using inbuilt battery if collect 24
   data per day the life time of a single battey is 2 years two battery will be 4 years.

● Input mode
   RS485 communication single channel. The remote transmitter and flow meter use wired (RS-485 one master and multiple slaves)and
   the remote transmitter connect to server through wireless (TCP / IPGPRS). It adopt the RS485 commuication mode to directly connect
   with secondary flowmeter and turbine flowmeter to collect parameters such as total volume flow rate temperature and pressure etc.
   The baud rate is 9600bps.

● Output mode
   GPRS wireless communication

● Output power supply
   In the external power supply mode the output voltage is 12VDC and current is 50mA.

● Operation Environment
   Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +65℃.
   Relative humidity: 10% ~ 95%.
   Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa.

  Exia ⅡCT4 Ga.

● IP Grade

● Memory chip
   The inbuilt memory chip can store data every five minutes for up to eight years.

● Upload mode
   Online and timely report abnormal alarm report manual report etc.

● Remote control
   With remote control and setting functionthe parameters is setted on background system. External isolated safe DC power supply to
   achieve real-time online remote transmission monitoring. With two acquisition interface the data of flow meter and controller can be
   remote transmitted .

● Alarm function
   Set abnormal alarm for parameters such as temperature pressurestandard condition working condition instantaneous
condition instantaneous working condition internal battery voltageetc.

● Boundary Dimension
   190mm×140 mm×82mm.

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