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Problems Solved by the Meter Reading System

Improve meter reading efficiency:
☆Remote meter reading greatly reduces labor and improves meter reading efficiency;

Reduce cost investment:
The system-level design supports the compatibility and seamless connection of handheld point-to-point meter reading in the early stage to the network meter reading system in the later stage, which can reduce the increased cost of system upgrade and facilitate management

Reduce cost investment:
Remote meter reading and monitoring, eliminating the need for door-to-door meter reading, which can greatly improve the timeliness of user gas consumption control and reduce the production-sales gap;

Reduce operating losses:
The unit price of gas measurement can be adjusted or preset at any time to improve the price response of upstream and downstream, reduce operating losses caused by rising gas prices, and improve risk prevention capabilities and management levels;

System solution:
Support remote meter reading for civilian wireless meters, industrial and commercial gas meters and industrial and commercial flow meters.

System functions and features

Advanced meter reading technology: 
The overall architecture design using GPRS technology and network meter reading is ahead of most domestic point-to-point meter reading technologies

Meter reading method is compatible: 

GPRS network meter reading, handheld point-to-point meter reading, handheld routing meter reading, vehicle meter reading, etc. are compatible, seamlessly integrated, and can be replaced and used in parallel.

Real-time meter reading: 

Can read the meter in real time or regularly, modify the terminal meter gas price, and respond to the adjustment of gas price in time.

Good meter reading scalability: 

The network implements multi-level routing (level 7), which is suitable for various complex building structures and terrain conditions, and can adapt to signal transfer and transmission in various application environments, greatly expanding the scope of meter reading.

Watch with ultra-low power consumption: 

Can ensure real-time meter reading, while ensuring low power consumption operation, long battery life.

Remote copy control security: 

After remotely closing the valve, when the valve is opened again, the meter must be manually pressed to confirm that the valve can be opened.

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