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  • 21、Why did the IoT meter suddenly close the valve during using?
    A. the valve is faulty
    B. There is no remaining gas in the meter
    C. the battery is used up

  • 22、What is the lifespan of the battery by using your meter?
    A, card table can generally be used for about 18 months
    B. The Internet of Things meter is used normally, data is reported once a day, and it can be last for 10-12 months

  • 23、 When the Internet of Things is recharging wirelessly, why is the money not on the meter?
    A. When the system open an account, the entered meter number does not match the actual meter number
    B. No network connection
    C. Fake battery or low battery
    D. Normal wireless recharge automatically arrives in the early morning of the next day, or press the button to connect to the network to get on the meter immediately.

  • 24、Part of the data in the GPRS meter is not reported, what is the reason?
    A. The battery is empty or low
    B. no signal
    C. Signal is unstable

  • 25、What's the difference between withdrawl and cancellation in your charging system?
    The use information can be checked in the system after the withdrawal,but the user information can not be checked in the system after the cancellation of the account.

  • 26、What is the reason why the newly opened account feedback that the gas meter go faster than the old account?
    There is a certain error between the meter and the meter itself, but before the meter is installed, it will be subject to the authoritative inspection of the National Metrology Institute, and it will be allowed to be installed and used after passing the test.

  • 27、Will your gas meter stop acounting after attacked by strong magnetic?
    No, our company adopts a double steel reed pipe to measure. If it encounters a strong magnetic attack, it will immediately close the valve protection.
  • 28、The recharge times of your system are different from the recharge times in the meter. Can you recharge again?
    Can recharge, but can not get on the meter
  • 29、Will your gas meter shut off the valve automatically if gas leakage?
    Valve will be closed, it also will alarm if installed

  • 30、Does your gas meter need to be tested every year?
    Residential gas meters are normally tested before installation, and do not need to be tested during subsequent use. The flowmeter needs to be checked once a year.

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