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  • 11、 What is the reason why the meter do not show?
    A. No battery installed or low battery
    B. display failure
    C. Virtual welding of power connection

  • 12、What's the reason why the new meter doesn't run away after installation?
    A. meter burst
    B. The mer was installed incorrect

  • 13、Why is the batteries need to be replaced once a month and some once a weeks?
    A, users may have bought fake batteries
    B, users may mix new and old batteries
    C. If replacing the regular battery still consumes fast power, it can be returned to our company for review.
  • 14、Why does the meter go negative?
    A. Check whether the system has set the overdraft volume.
    B. The plug of the meter valve may be damaged by pressure, causing the valve not to close
    C. There may be objects at the valve port, causing the valve to close improperly
    D. Artificial stolen gas, the meter valve was damaged
    E. The meter is reversed

  • 15、What is the reason why your meter has more mechanical readings than electronic readings?
    A. The meter has used a clearin card
    B. steel reed is damaged
    C. missing magnetic steel
    D. Used transfer card

  • 16、Your table with electronic than mechanical reading and more reading what is the reason?
    A. Have done card replacement
    B. used transfer card
  • 17、The card is not responding. What is going on?
    A. the chip of the user card may be damaged
    B. the card slot may be faulty
    C. Meter without battery

  • 18、Your system is so slow and can not afford big data?
    A. It maybe that the computer's memory configuration is too small
    B. Failure of the charging system
    C. Network unstability
    D. there is a problem with the server

  • 19、What is the reason why the new battery installed in the meter and it still not powered?
    A. The environment is humidity and caused the conductive strip rust
    B. Power cable is not soldered well

  • 20、How is the Internet of Things meter connected?
    A. Press and hold the button for about 7 seconds, and the network appear and let it go.
    B. Power off and power on

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